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Jessica Alba – Palying Ugly Characters To Show Acting Talent November 9, 2008

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Ugly Jessica Alba

Does my hair look great?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but more and more hot celebrities are now playing ugly characters. Why?  They said it’s one way to be  taken seriously as an actress. And this time it’s Jessica Alba‘s time, as she plays the role of Mona Gray, in An Invisible Sign of My Own (which will be released sometime in 2009 by the way).

This is actually not just a theory but a logical thing too. Pretty actresses (with stunning beauty) playing roles that of characters with either purposely uglier faces, or those who have been scarred with bad history, will more likely to be noticed (not by their face, but their acting). Pretty much more like what happened to Charlize Theron when she played the role of Aileen Wuornos in the (based on a true story) movie “Monster“, where she won an Oscar, and several other awards, by the way.

Yes this…. would you believe their the same person?


Now the question is… will newly-mommyfied Jessica Alba finally be seen as not just an actress with a sexy body and really really beautiful face, but that of great acting skills as well?

We’ll see.

3 Critical:

  1. Hmmmmm – if Jessica wins an award, then maybe just maybe there is a lot of truth to this.
  2. Playing Ugly – when you’re really2x good looking ,I think playing ugly is really something of much challenge. It’s not jsut being not you, but the opposite of you.
  3. Bad Bungs – she actually has a really2x weird hairstyle in this movie, but I don’t think it makes her less beautiful. Or maybe just for a slight bit.


1. joanmarie - February 12, 2009

this girl, i love. she’s smart and she kicks ass. if you happen to come across her fight with the host, then you’ll know why she kicks ass. 🙂

C0Y - February 12, 2009

haha… now I have something to search for in youtube.

2. Bill - March 6, 2009

See here’s the thing – Jessica Alba is not that attractive to begin with. And on top of that, she has no acting talent. How she gets jobs is a mystery.

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