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Will Megan Fox Be Wonder Woman? November 8, 2008

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Megan Fox - Wonder Woman Poster

A pretty convincing poster (above) from a teaser site Wonder-who.com, showing Megan Fox in a very sexy Wonder Woman costume has been spread all around the internet, and has captured the attention of a lot of bloggers, and internet surfers around the world.

And now the world is asking… is she really going to play “Wonder Woman” in the next DC comic movie ??? (cause obviously that’s nothing but cool)

And the answer is a sad NO. (ouch!)

Sweet Sexy Fox won’t be the new Wonder Woman (as it was said on the site JoBlo). A Warner Bros. rep confirmed“the site and it’s contents are ‘complete BS’.” Meaning it’s anything but true.

jessica-biel Katie Holmes

Recent rumors includes the name of Jessica Biel (who recently declined the offer) , and Katie Holmes, as potential casts for the role of Wonder Woman, which by the way, still remains a plan and no pre-production activities is on the process.

Honestly, I don’t have anything against Katie Holmes, but the whole cutie-cute thing just don’t seem to fit the role if you ask me.  Why not Megan?

Well anyway, this poster might not be real, but it still is a really great (not to mention hot) poster. Nothing bad here.

3 Critical:

  1. Listen – this is actually an advise to all movie directors and producers. Sometimes listening to the people can give you the perfect actress/actor for a certain role. And I guess they know who we want now.
  2. Then Who??? – if not Megan, then who would be the better choice to play the role?  (I really hope Katie isn’t an option)
  3. A Prediction – whoever made this poster is not just creative. I think he can see the future too.


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