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Barack Obama Wins w/ The Presidential Shoes November 6, 2008

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President Barak Obama Shoes

Who would’ve thought someone with “Hussein” in their name would be the next president of the United States. Not me.

Barack Hussein Obama was named the 44th U.S. President last Tuesday, and the first black chief executive of the most powerful nation in the planet. And the good thing is, Mccain conceded, so there are less complications and arguments. So I guess the means a better economy recovery…… and probably an increase of sales for the latest Obama inspired shoes in the market.

President Barack Obama Shoes

This shoes is sold for about $66 in some sites in the internet, and there are actually a lot of designs available for your own preference.

This one says “Yes we can change”, and yes I honestly think believe he can make a difference.

3 Critical:

  1. Clean Win – atleast this elections got less complications.
  2. Nice Shoes – I wouldn’t wear this, but it’s a nice shoe to display in your room.
  3. The Sole – I wonder what the sole looks like.


1. Hannah Friedman - November 6, 2008

My humble musical letter to President Obama:

Hannah Friedman

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