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Allen Iverson – The Answer November 5, 2008

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Iverson – the new Piston

Now that The Allen Iverson for Chauncy Billups & Anotnio McDyes trade rumors were finally decided upon, the next best thing to ask (as for any team where AI have played for), is will he now be the  “answer” to  Detroit‘s triumph for yet another NBA crown?  Or is this even a good move by Detroit?

For a man who’s been labeled as one of the best players in the NBA without a championship ring (yet), this is something he still have to prove….. once again. He has been the answer to a lot of question in Philly, and in Denver, but none of those answers were about a championship . But now he’s in Detroit.

This time he’ll be playing the role of the scorer and main man of the team (where he’s really comfortable with) again, though he has to share it with Rip Hamilton, but is this enough to bring Detroit back to the top? Is he really traded to help the team get the crown back, or is he just another means to getting the real answer. (now your confused)


I’ve heard logical rumors around the NBA, and it involves a really great plan (if it works). I’m talking about Detroit‘s plan of cutting down the salary cap (already done) by trading two high paid players (Billups & McDyes) for one superstar (Iverson), who will later be traded (with another player probably) for a certain Lebron James for the next season. Now this would be logical right?

But is this true?… Is he traded just to have a gem to be traded for the real answer?… Is this just a rumor?

I guess we’ll have this season to watch for….

3 Critical:

  1. Question or Answer – is he still “The Answer” or is he now the “Big Question”.
  2. Honest Comment – about Detroit and a Championship….. I don’t think that’s gonna happen now, even with AI around.
  3. The Big Trade – who do you think got the better half of the trade between Denver and Detroit?  And do you think the whole Lebron theory is really the plan? Tell me….


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