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Lewis Hamilton – Youngest F1 Champion November 4, 2008

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Lewis Hamilton - Youngest F1 Champion

After the days of Formula One racing and Michael Shumacher, who would’ve thought someone younger… or let me say very young could be the next Formula 1 king. We’ve seen is in Golf (w/ Tiger Woods), we’ve seen it in the NBA (Kobe, LeBron, etc..), and now in Formula One.

And the name is Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton Winning Trophy

British-born Hamilton actually won the title 67 days before his 24th birthday (this means he’s a champion at the very young age of 23), with a total of five wins in 2008. Ain’t no sophomore jinx here I guess. He actually finished 5th in the last race, but that was all he needed to end the season as the Champion (that’s what you get for being the wining-est racer in a season).

Throughout the season a lot of issues were raced, and even a lot of people are not really buying his success (due to some other issues besides racing), but I guess champions are champions no matter how some or many would hate them, and he pretty much showed it to the world.

Lewis Hamilton - Youngest F1 Champion - Pussycat Dolls

And just to make him more envious, he is dating Pussycat Dolls member Nichole Scherzinger. He’s 23, and she’s 30 if you’re asking by the way.

I guess every thing’s cool for now, but let’s just hope he won’t follow Jacques Villeneuve‘s footsteps and abandon his successful McLaren team for a start-up with lots of money and zero (0) success.

3 Critical:

  1. Orange!!! – I guess that’s pretty obvious…. they love the color.
  2. The Cost – there’s no specific amount yet, but some say he’s gonna get a contract worth more than David Beckham & Tiger Woods did… and he’s still 23. Some say it’s gonna be a billion dolalr contract… which is entirely possible.
  3. Hate or Envy – I just wanna ask those who’ve been hitting on him the whole year. Do you really hate him, or is it just envy… I would understand why.


1. paparts - November 4, 2008

This guy is amazing…

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