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Alicia Witt – Witeweeet !!!!! November 2, 2008

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Meet the beautiful and talented Alicia Witt. Alicia Who????

Well for those who are Charlie Sheen‘s “Two and A Half Men” fans, this girl need no introduction coz just recently (in the latest episode), he gave Alan Harper (Charlie’s brother in the show) and prtetty uch the whole viewers a very weird but memorable lap dance, while having a serious talk with Charlie (a fan of the show know why). Remember this??

By the way, Alicia plays the role of Miss Pasternak, Jake‘s (nephew of Charlie in the show) former tutor turned stripper for several reason that only fans know. (I recommend you watch).

But that’s not all. Pretty Miss Witt right has also been a part of several hit TV shows including The Sopranos , Ally McBeal, The Twilight Zone, Law & Order, and several other movies, and yes, she is that girl playing the role of Claire Goldstein in “Playing Mona Lisa(where she won a Best Actress award in the Sundance Film Festival by the way).

Pretty impressive right? Wait, there’s still one more thing left to mention. A lot of fans may not know this but in her movies, she actually played the the Piano (which she really really is good at) herself, and she used to play the piano (and sing) at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Now that’s impressive.

3 Critical:

  1. I Love It – I’m talking about great actresses who can’t just act, but play instruments and has a voice as well. Not to mention a pretty face and sexy body.
  2. Impressive – if this didn’t impress you… then you might be Steven Spielberg, or Simon Cowell.
  3. More Shows – actresses like these really deserve bigger roles and bigger films. I don’t see that far away with her career.


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