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They Call It Digital Photo Album Keychain October 28, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Photos, Technology.

In this world slowly filled with technological things, it really is an everyday question to ask “what else is going digital?”. Phones have been digital, cameras, clocks, organizers, musical instruments, and a whole lot of things to mention.

So I ask, what’s newly digital now?

And there came this Digital Photo Album Keychain.

The Digital Photo Album Keychain has an 8 MB memory capable of storing up to 60 digital photos  (depending on size and quality), and boasts a 1.4-inch “high- resolution” LCD screen for easy viewing, and buttons for navigation. And to top it all, some models even has time with it. Cool Huh!

Now you can bring your photos everywhere, and the good thing is, you can easily change the photos you want to appear with just a click. How convenient is that?

This is why I love going digital.

3 Critical:

  1. Handy & Techie – now this is one cool and handy gadget to have.
  2. Pro & Cons – it’s handy and easy, but the screen is not that big…. cause it’s a keychain.
  3. The Price? – it really depends on the model, but I’ve seen some going as low as $14 to somewhere a high as $59. But it’s worth it.


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