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Windows – Unsolved Mysteries October 24, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Computers, Weird & Unexplained.
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Here are some unsolved mysteries involving the worlds most used OS (Operating System) Windows.

I really can’t understand, and even find any logic as to why these things exists. Are they purposely made, or are they just coincidences that tells us that there are things without explanations…. or are there?

Here they are:

  • No one can create a folder named “CON“. Unbelievable?… try it for yourself.
  • (For windows users) Go to notepad and type Bush hid the facts. After which, save your work anywhere with any name and close notepad. Then re-open notepad and open your previously saved file and look what appears.
  • Open Microsoft Word then type: =rand (200, 99) and press ENTER. By now I bet you’re seeing something strange that not even Bill Gates and his team can explain.

Bush trying these things… haha

Are these things telling us something, or are they just bugs of the old tycoon named Windows?

Even they don’t know.

3 Critical:

  1. Weird – the whole thing is weird, and I have to admit I was doubtful at first…. now it’s weird.
  2. Coincidence? – about the Bush hid the facts part. s this just coincidence, or are there really a lot of mysteries about that name.
  3. Got To Try – I’m sure a lot of you are skeptical about this, so I suggest you try it for yourselves and see what I mean.


1. Anthony - October 28, 2008

hahaha…wow amazing i already try it for myself and it seems so unbelievable…hahaha…
-about the= rand (200, 99) part.is this just coincidence?! i don’t think so…

2. Tabbie - November 2, 2008

Amazing! C’est un mystère. I think the rand bit works like a reference code to a page and paragraph number or something like that in a Rand or Rand McNally encyclopedia or dictionary.

3. everydayman - November 2, 2008

Thanks for that info. I guess we all deserve a bit of mysteries in life… even with our own OS.

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