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PalinAsPresident.com – What If….. October 17, 2008

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yes this is Sarah Palin in her office (or if she was)

So how famous is Sarah Palin these days?

Let’s just say some folks who have the talent, invested their time and efforts in making something that would amuse a lot of Sarah Palin comedy fans (Citizens of Alaska included) by making a site that would give us a brief idea of what would happen if Ms. Palin right here would be the vice-president… or President???

You can see it at www.PalinAsPresident.com, and the photo above is basically a part of the screen shot of the site. In the site there are a couple of clickable things that has corresponding actions which I will leave for you to explore.

I guess Tina Fey‘s not the only one who knows how to make a good Sarah Palin joke after all. Hahaha…

3 Critical:

  1. Votes & Views – if the number of youtube (or other video) views & blog comments about her will be counted as votes in the upcoming election, then I guess Ms. Palin will have a landslide victory.
  2. The Palin Fever – according to my observation… 3 out of 4 blogs features Sarah Palin these past few weeks. Is this the Palin fever? Oh yes it is… yes it is.
  3. Nice Choice – if attention was the only concern, then I guess McCain really made a good decision choosing her as a running mate.


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