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Celebrity “Sad Events”… For Me October 13, 2008

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Ok, just to top all the list of my celebrity sad events, I’m going to talk about my favorite (could have been wife) actress Scarlett Johansson. She still is that pretty, she stil is that sexy, and she still is that simple but I guess she isn’t that available anymore… and we all know why.  Scarlett Johansson marries Ryan Reynolds and I was left here blogging about it. So sad.

So I’ll just move on to the next one.

Do you guys remember Rihanna,and of course her Umbrella ela ela eh eh eh….? Well rumors says that Pop Star Rihanna is Broke , and I honestly can’t see how someone whose hit songs are played almost everytime everywhere could go broke that fast, but hey if they say it… then there’s a very bog chance that it’s true.

I guess being a celebrity doesn’t really guarantee your future after all right? But the good thing about it is they already have a name, so rising up and making it big (again) isn’t that hard to do.

This is what you get when you Watch celebrity gossip all the time. You get to be just a little bit attached. (Hahaha)

3 Critical:

  1. Not Invited – finally they got married. But I heard it was a silent and not that grand wedding… but it’s surely is a special one for them. But I was not Invited.
  2. How? – the news regarding Rihanna is surprising because it all happened to fast. I can understand going broke after 10 years, but she just made a hit right?
  3. Unpredictable – life is, but I guess a celebrity life is more unpredictable.


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