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Celebrity on Politics – Something I Don’t Like October 10, 2008

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Probably a beholder of one of the most beautiful faces in the world of celebrities is the still-sexy-after-giving-birth mom, Jessica Alba.

But what happened here?  Why does she look like Dr. Lector?

The answer is simple. This is what happens when the public (at the same time celebrity fans) gets disappointed with their favorite celebrity sticking their nose & talking about how good a certain candidate when obviously it’s all just a paid campaign ad to promote a certain candidate. We all know this right?

But wrong or right, it really proves to be effective in getting in some needed votes anyway, (in the candidates point of view), but what about us fans?. We really can;t blame them entirely coz there are also a lot of people who vote based on who their favorite celebrities endorse and this is just one reason why these things still exists.

I really hate it when celebrities become campaign puppets… and yes, (even if I love Jessica Alba that much), I have to agree that this photo (above) pretty much describes the message I wanted to give to all the celebrities on politics.

3 Critical:

  1. Why Not? – despite from the fact that they’re not being true to themselves while they campaign their candidates… it  just seems cheap.
  2. Politics is for Politicians – and celebrities are for movies…. not the elections and pre-election campaigns. Leave it this way and the world is better.
  3. The Right Vote – vote someone with principles and the will to act upon, and not those who promise.. and promise a lot…. while they parade your favorite celebrities raising their hands saying “If you like my movies.. vote for him”….


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