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Less is More with Celebrities October 7, 2008

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I want to show you something that I’ve noticed in my many years of watching movies and celebrities…. and that is the reverse effects of more and less when it comes to fashion.

Below is a picture of Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge. They certainly have two of the prettiest faces in the showbiz industry (and they are hot… sometimes), but with a lot of clothes that don’t even seem to coincide with another, they look just as weird as those normal weird people next to you, which makes you ask yourself… “what happened to being sexy?” Yes, they are celebrities, but I guess they are smart enough to know that everyday just isn’t a costume party. Where are those secrets???

Audrina Patridge & Heidi Montag wearing MORE than usual.

And then we have Kendra Wilkinson (and her not-yet-known) girl-friend. Both are sexy and both got head turning looks, and with less clothing, they still look that way. I guess my point is obvious here, and it doesn’t take a genius to understand why having LESS is better for celebrities. Both pictures actually can create attention, but this ones does it naturally…. and natural is always better right?

So both photos have 2 hot babes, but I guess we all know which one looks better fashion-wise.  but then again, it’s just me.

3 Critical:

  1. Made A point – I think I made a pint here. (see recent photos of Jessica Simpson for reference)
  2. More is Less – enough is enough, but more is defintely gonna be less appealing when it comes to fashion. I believe.
  3. Less is More – c’mon it’s obvious.


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