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Heroes Season 3 – Claire Bennet (the cheerleader) October 4, 2008

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“What else can I do?”

I just watched the third episode of the third season (what’s with the thirds?) of Heroes, and there was a scene where Claire (cheerleader) almost got suffocated inside a container where her biological mother Meredith (the fire woman) thought her a lesson about surviving and fighting. And this scene caught my attention (and curiousity).

We all know Claire can’t die but we also know that she can’t protect herself either (Sylar got to her brain right?), and Meredith actually had a point when she said before deciding to protect others, make sure you know how to protect yourself (or something like that). So this makes me wonder… is she really only about healing herself or is there something else inside her?

The rest of the heroes (even Ando) seem to have more to them that what we really think they have, and I kinda think there’s also more to Claire than just being able to heal. Maybe something like her mother has.

What do you think?

3 Critical:

  1. It’s Possible – Mohinder had his share of powers, and we’ve all seen Ando and his fireball in the future, so will Claire one? … it’s entirely possible.
  2. Not Enough – self healing is that cool really, but I just think it’s not enough. How bout having adamantium claws ??? .. wait that’s Wolverine…. hmmmmmmmmm
  3. I Got It!!!! – how bout multiplicity??? That way, she have more chances of escape, and she can research about the paper company of his dad, while she practices for cheering.. but the clones won’t be indestructible. But I’m not sure how that works.


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