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Sexy Politics – Just Something I Hate September 29, 2008

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One thing that I don’t really like are celebrities in politics. I just don’t get it why they think they can run a city, a state, or a country just because they won awards or have played the role of a mayor in one movie. Some may have done well, but the numbers are certainly nothing near compared to those who haven’t done a thing.

The other thing would be… you guessed it…. political celebrities.

Pretty much like this one here (photo above). Here you’ll see Mila Kunis wearing a “Vote Barack” shirt on the set of her upcoming (2009 actually) film Extract with Ben Affleck and Jason Bateman. We all know she’s famous, and she’s got those unforgettably seductive eyes, but seeing her in that Barack shirt just might impose a bad (or good) image to her, the candidate, and the fans.

Personally, I’d rather watch those celebrities do films (good or bad) than see them promoting a political candidate which they don’t even know personally until the subjected payment. And, I also don’t like the fact that Politicians use those celebrity fames to endorse their names more. That’s just not public service to me.

This (above) is one Mila Kunis photo that captured a lot of our internet attention, and I’m sure you will agree to that… but would it be better if we leave it that way, than see her with a Vote Barack tattoo near the belly button, or anywhere in the photo? (rhetorical question)

3 Critical:

  1. Sincerity – do these celebrities really believe in these candidates, or is it just business. We really can’t guarantee which is which but we all know what the people usually thinks. Fans are people you know.
  2. What Message? – are they implying that because we love Mila, and she is supporting this candidate, we should also love this candidate? It’s sad but reality shows that people still fall for this thing.
  3. The Problem – this is what every celebrity political endorser should think about. If your candidate looses, that’s never gonna be a plus on your career. Trust me.


1. John Ryan - March 31, 2009

Since when does Mila Kunis think she can run a state or the Government. She is merely expressing her opinion that she will be voting for Barack Obama. It sounds like you are letting your own ideology get in the way.

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