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Dare to Bare w/ Strapless Sandals September 19, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Clothing, Funny.
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We heard of backless dresses, colorless nail polishers, less calorie foods and drinks, and basically almost everything that has the word “less” attached to it. But still they have something “less” in mind… something we surely didn’t anticipate.

Something like a strapless sandals or slippers called STiCK2FEET. And this literally means there are no straps attached.

This one of a kind “footwear” sticks to your feet (with or without socks), and yes it you can walk or even run without it leaving your feet. It’s special skin adhesive is 100% reusable, but you regularly have to clean it with soap and water.

I’m sure this idea is entirely unique, and it probably would be the next fashion statement there is to hit (specially during summer days). STiCK2FEET can be worn casually or with your swim wear apparels. And it looks good with your foot tattoo (like photo below).

It’s sold for $9.95 per pair in some sites that I’ve checked, but I guess the price ranges from $9-$12 atleast.

Are you ready to bare it all???  (the feet I mean)

3 Critical:

  1. No Tan Lines – one of the good thing about this is that it wont leave you those strap-line tans that you always get with your usual slippers.
  2. Just Weird  – it’s creative, it’s new, and it’s something we never heard of…. in short it’s just weird.
  3. How To Take Off?  – this is one thing I failed to understand…. how do you take it off? Now I’m confused.


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