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D.B. Cooper – A Thief.. A Legend… September 18, 2008

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While most people idolize celebrities, music legends, war heroes, or probably anyone who has positively inspired somebody’s life and made it better, there are also a bunch of people (me included) who looked up to unlikely characters who presumably belongs to the wrong side of the world. People like thieves, dictators, or simply criminals who lived a mysterious life in general.

One of them is D.B. Cooper (may not be the real name), and I am a fan of his work.

D.B. Cooper (or Dan Cooper) is the man who hijacked a Boeing 727, got the demanded US$200,000 ransom money (in unmarked $20 bills), and parachuted from the plane and vanished without a trace. And this happened way back November 24, 1971, but the mystery still lives today.

Some say he’s dead, while some say he vanished with the US$200,000 unmarked bills (but the FBI decided to give marked bills printed mostly in 1969 had serial numbers beginning with the letter L). This was until an 8-year-old Brian Ingram found three bundles of deteriorating $20 bills (with the L series) on the shore of the Columbia River (Portland, Ore.,) in 1980.

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The said bills had then been the closest thing they’ve come to proving the stipulations that Cooper never got to enjoy the money he died (or didn’t?) for.

Some say the crime or the mystery will never ever be solved, and a lot had said the story is still out there waiting to be solved…. but if you ask me, I’ll say the story is best to be left a mystery.  Why? Coz Cooper is not just a thief in our history, he also is a Legend.

3 Critical:

  1. Inspiration – a lot of people are actually inspired with his story, and some even went a step higher by copying his work. (Copycats here)
  2. In Movies – his character has been in many movies, including the hit tv series Prison Break, where a fellow cellmate named Charles Westmoreland, was actually the mysterious D.B. cooper.
  3. Are They Just Claims??? – aside from the usual copycats, some people actually claim that they are D.B. Cooper… until their last days. There was even an incident where a husband confessed to his wife, that he was the mysterious D.B. Cooper before resting in peace.


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