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V13R – The 3 Wheel Roadster by Campagna Motors September 17, 2008

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One Question. What would you do if you have an extra $39,995.00 in your bank account? (clue: not a trick question)

If you ask me, I would buy myself one of these V13R 3-wheel roadster from Campagna Motors (photo above). But wait!!!! Is this a bike or is this a car? I guess it has to be both.

The V13R is available in 3 colors (Inferno Red, Brilliant Black, & Bright Silver). Both the Brilliant Black and the Inferno Red versions come with chromed roll bars, sub frame, front grill and headlight bezel, swingarm and A-arm assemblies. The Bright Silver version however, shows a baaaaaaaaaaaadddddd attitude with it’s jet black powder coated roll bars, sub frame, swingarm and A-arm assemblies.

The V13R features side-by-side seating (for your hot date) and an integrated cargo space, for whatever serves your purpose. All in all, it’s just one hot rod you’ll never gonna regret riding with.

I’m sure it won’t be long before we see a couple of these roadsters rip the streets in some blockbuster movie.

3 Critical:

  1. Hot Hot Hot – from it’s design, to it’s power… nothing more desribes it well than Hot Hot Hot.
  2. No Roof??? – this might just be the lone bad thing about this car… I mean bike… I mean both.
  3. Make Some More!!! – more of it, with more colors, makes the world a sexier place top live in. Trust me.


1. 944 Mag - February 23, 2009

I wrote a similar blog with updated information on the production of both the “T-Rex” and “V13r” check it out @ http://www.944.com/blog/worlds-best-big-kid-toys-gets-a-makeover/

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