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Flash Games – Still For Everyone September 16, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Computers, Internet.
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The evolution of computer games have been unbelievable these past two decades. From PacMan to Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter to Tekken, NBA Live to GTA, Dance Revo to Guitar Hero and now…. Anti Pacman (this is new).

This game is actually similar to the very famous PacMan game, but let’s just say the roles are reversed in this game. You get to play the 4 ghosts that seem to follow the Pacman (except when he’s eaten those bigger circle things that turns you blue), and as simple as it is, it’s guaranteed to give you a whole new level of fun. Even if it doesn’t look like any of those high-end games we have right now.

But, however impressive games seem to be evolving nowadays, people still love those simple, flash-type Free Games that we usually play during those 15 minute breaks in the office, minutes before a final exam, or for those time where you just can’t seem to think of anything else to do.

It really is a wonder how those really simple games (like those made by MiniClip) makes us all enjoy playing, even if we have our own high end game consoles at home. I mean, flash-games are mostly 2 dimensional and are short games to be played, but the simplicity, humor, creativity and availability of the game is what makes it so hard not to notice. You see, flash-games can be easily played in the internet and there wont be a need of further installations. It’s just as simple as clicking “Start” or “Play” and the next thing you know, your childhood is going back to you even in those short moments of playing. Plus, to make up with their short-lengths in terms of play, we get to choose from thousands and thousands of short games from sports to puzzles, races to shooting, educational to sexy, and a whole lot of categories you can choose from.

If you happen to be a fan of Yahoo Games or other flash game sites yourself, I’m sure you’ll somehow notice how fast this industry (flash-games) is growing. Multiple games are made every week, and even the latest games we play in PS3‘s or X-Box have their own flash-games version.

I guess we all still love to play those simple games after all.

3 Critical:

  1. Game Equals Fun – I guess no matter what kind of game it is, old-or new, complex or simple, we still get to find the fun in it.
  2. Never Boring – Boring is playing a short length games, but having to choose from thousands of short length games wont give you a chance to be bored I’m sure.
  3. Recommended – I suggest you try playing AntiPacman… cause you get to experience the other side of the game. And it’s fun fun fun.


1. Flash games - September 19, 2008

yeah you are right. Games and flash game are very big industrial.

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