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MacBook “AirMail” Bag – Manila Envelope Inspired September 13, 2008

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Not many Filipinos may have known this, but the famous envelope-designed bag (or “Mac Bag” or “AirMail”) was actually inspired by the “now” internationally famous Manila Envelope.

And I say International because I’ve already seen a lot of movies where they refer to such as a “Manila Envelope”. (no lies here)

Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans actually came up with the AirMail idea minutes after they saw Steve Jobs’ pull out a Mac Book Air out of a Manila Envelope at MacWorld, which gave them an Idea of the next Mac Bag design they’re going to make. “The first few weeks were thrilling! We never in our wildest dreams could have anticipated the response we’d get to this product. For a while there, it seemed like every damned website on the Internet was plugging the AirMail, and we were getting emails faster than we could even read them. It was unprecedentedly difficult, stressful, and, above all, thrilling.” – said Jona

By the way, the Mac Book sleeves are made of vinyl and not the usual Manila hemps or abaca with which the real manila envelopes are made of, which means that your laptops not gonna fall when you carry it like a bag. And it costs $29.95US only. (should I say only?)

If you happen to have questions, concerns, ideas (or you just want to say hello to those who made this), you may email them at: info@manilamac.com.

3 Critical:

  1. Durability – it’s made of vinyl, and I guess it’s not really that much good if your laptop weight heavier than it should. But all in all, it’s fashionable, clever, and pretty much does what it’s supposed to do.
  2. Office Material – having this bag for your laptop makes you more of the office material person I guess.
  3. Go Pinoy!!! – everytime something Filipino contributes to the betterment of things (concepts included), I’m always proud. And every Filipino should. go Pinoy!!!!!


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