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Wait.. Is that a Green Polar Bear??? September 10, 2008

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“Mommy, mommy look!!!.. it’s a green polar bear”….

This could probably be one of the words (translated in English) of a little girl in Higashiyama Zoo when she saw the not-so-ordinary green polar bear.

Did I say GREEN?????

Yes green as the GO signal of a traffic light… green as the color of the grass of hope… and yes, green as the algae that Mr. Po Bear went swimming with in the pond several days ago.

“Visitors seem to be shocked by the color, and we are asked every day why they are so green,” zoo official Masami Kurobe said Sunday.

High temperatures and less-frequent water changes due to the zoo’s conservation efforts was said to have caused an algae growth in the bear pond and safety moat, but this won’t be much of a problem coz the bears are expected to return to their natural color (which is what again?) when the algae growth subsides.

That will be a month or two from now I guess.

But until then, I’ll just be singing: “I see trees are green… and PoBears’s too… only a few… in Tokyo’s Zoo…. so I say to myself what a Wonderful world….”

3 Critical:

  1. Go Green!!! – from Politicians, celebrities, athletes and now for Po Bears’s too. everybody seems to want to go “green“.
  2. Such A Sight – these are the times when normal things accidentally becomes such a sight. It’s surely gonna be an attraction for months.
  3. If It Talks – if this thing talks, I’m pretty sure it’s a parrot. Hahaha.


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