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Meet “The Package” September 8, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Technology.
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Imagine this:

You’re chatting with your friends, and everyone seems to be talking about the first 2 episodes of the new Prison Break season, which they were done downloading (thanks to your info the day before),while your download is still 43% done. Now this is not good, and it even means that your internet connections is more than half slower than their Verizon High Speed Internet connection. Which they told you all about, but you didn’t listen.

So the next day, you went straight to get your new internet connection (as you should have done before), and just when things are getting better, you found out that with the high speed internet and a variety of telecommunication services that they provide, a Verizon satellite TV or a Verizon FiOS fiber optic television is also offered for your convenience. Let’s just say, your internet problems are solved, and your home viewing is also taken care of. So now you ask them, are there more services?

And the answer is yes, and came the Verizon phone, which includes Plans for unlimited local calling and great deals for long distance home phone service (not to mention their Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voice Mail features). As they say it “Whether it’s wireless service , or a great deal on home phone calling we have it all for you”.

Now this is hot.

3 Critical:

  1. Quality – is what every customer should consider (before price or design).
  2. All In One – one stop is always better than many. We all know that.
  3. It’s On-Line!!! – you can actually avail all of these online. Now it’s getting even better.


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