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Solar “Bonsai” Charger – Charging Under The Sun September 6, 2008

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What do you get when you combine function, beauty, and a whole lot of creativity?

A Solar Tree Charger called Photon Sythese….  but I call it a “Solar Bonsai Charger”. (see photo above)

This is still a prototype of Vivian Muller‘s creation and it is designed with solar panels in (with leaf-like forms) instead of real leaves to absorb solar energy for charging any little gadget you have at home (cellphones, ipod, audio players, etc…).

(detachable parts)

(parts denominations)

So basically, with this at home, you get to have a tree, a decoration, a charger, and a form of furniture complimentary electricity-saving high-tech gadget.

Looks just fine with me.

3 Critical:

  1. Power Saving – think of all the energy (electricity equals money) you can save with this.
  2. Brilliant, Just Brilliant – just one word for Vivian Muller’s idea. Brilliant.
  3. How Much??? – I really hope you’re not going to ask me this one. Coz I honestly don’t know how much it costs.


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