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Have you heard of a “Fragile Candy” ??? September 4, 2008

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Yes, you heard it right. A “Fragile Candy”. (see photo above)

The “Fragile Candy” (if that’s what they really call it) is actually some sort of Lollipop that looks like a broken piece from a broken glass. (photo below)

I’m really not sure what designer Wooteik Lim wants to tell the world when she made this one, but I guess  it’s safe to imply that this is the first candy that’s “not safe for kids“.

So who’s gonna be the target market of this product?  I honestly don’t know.

And by the way, FYI: The designer Wooteik Lim is also the same Wooteik Lim that made the first (maybe) inflatable mouse that satisfies both portability and usability, and is a very cool thing to come with your laptop.

So this either means he’s (or she’s) a genius… or just a really weird person.

3 Critical:

  1. And Wooteik is… – a girl or a boy’s name??? Now this is a hard one.
  2. Unsafe But Creative – it’s sharpness makes it unsafe, but it sure looks cool. I wonder if it sells well in prisons.
  3. The Inventions  – now I have to say this (and the inflatable mouse) is pure creativity, and originality at it’s best.  So how does it taste? Does anybody know?


1. Joy - September 4, 2008

another blog with cool and unique topic…
btw, thanks for the visit huh..ayo2x diha dong.

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