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All about “You” in the “Triple W” September 2, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Internet.
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Are you one of those guys who wanted to establish their business, personal site, shopping site, profession, art works, photography, or simply just about anything in the World Wide Web? Then maybe you’d be happy to know all about web hosting.

As we all know, a web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals or comapnies to provide their own website accessible thru the World Wide Web. But just as complex as the internet is, a lot of sites providing web hosting services (free and paid) are also available in the web. And a lot of it are actually good depending on your preferred features. (feel free to see my Top 10 Web Hosting Providers).

A lot of web hosting services also come with free domain names in their packages, and this is really a great deal if you ask me. It’s like having two things at the price of one. So sit back, relax (like the white guy above), think of a good idea for a website, look for web hosting services, and get ready to be seen in the Word Wide Web.

3 Critical:

  1. Good For Business – not everyone might agree with this, but I guess the Internet is now the main tool for all business, be it old or new.
  2. Start Free – for starters, I suggest you start with free web hosts. This way you don’t get to spend an amount while you get to learn and have a sense of what it feels to be in the net.
  3. The Hardest Part – this may be a bit funny for you, but ask anybody and they’ll agree with me when I say that the hardest part (or one of) in starting to make a website is choosing the right domain name. Trust me, it’s not that easy.


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