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Zune Bug – The Music Wonder September 1, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Music, Technology.
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Now don’t get too excited with this piece of music wonder. As of this moment, the whole thing still remains a concept, but I’m sure Microsoft is positive with this idea.

Besides… No one has ever seen a Zune musical bug like this one, so why not be the first right?

The Zune Bug is a concept by Ashley Payne. It actually is a wireless musical device that you can plug in any outlet (electricity), and is capable of playing tunes with it’s built in speakers. (at this point you might say “a lot of players do that”).

But that’s not yet the special part of this bug.

As you can see, this bug has no buttons, and screens. Why? Simply because it doesn’t need any. All you really need to do is transfer a song wirelessly (thru bluetooth I guess), and once it receives the song, it plays it the song…. and the light changes color according to the frequency of the music too. Cool huh!

So it’s not just a player, it’s also a small kind of light, and guess what? The Zune bug automatically lights up in the dark room. It has a sensor which will turn on the light as room gets dark.

This is really really cool for a small musical device, but just as I said a while ago, It still is a concept so it will be best if we don’t get that much excited yet.

And until then…. we can only hope. Or invent one ourselves.

3 Critical:

  1. Music Anywhere – now this is mobility. Music player can be handy, but this one… is way more than handy.
  2. No Memory? – I don’t think it has one, so I guess it will be playing one song at a time. But hey, it’s Microsoft. They said anythings possible right?
  3. Compatibility – this is gonna be an issue. Will it play any audio format? Will it be sent thru bluetooth or inrfared technology? Will any phone be able to send songs to it? I wish I knew.


1. choco - September 1, 2008

sorry for the off topic…great blog by the way.

welcome sa bisdakplanet!

2. Xylene - September 2, 2008

/The Zune bug automatically lights up in the dark room. It has a sensor which will turn on the light as room gets dark./

aww, I wouldnt buy this, I would turn the light off, and the bug will turn it on.
And thus the name Zune ‘BUG’

Jus kidding.

3. everydayman - September 2, 2008

Haha… it’s not gonna be that bright I guess… 🙂

4. Unlimited Zune Downloads - September 26, 2008

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