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Give Your Phone A New Look August 28, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Technology, Tips & Tricks.
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OK, so you’ve got a phone. An old one just like my Nokia 3310. The Cell Phone Covers that were with it when you bought it were all pretty much worn out, and even if they aren’t, the designs were just too plain for a phone these days. So just like me (bored with the usual look), you off those covers and your phone looks exactly like this photo above. Now it looks something new right? But trust me, you don’t want to carry something that looks like this around.

So now you ask… “What should I do?”…. And the answer would be “make it look new”.

It’s no the end of your old Cell Phone Skins, and with a little creativity and a small amount of expenses (for materials), you can actually re design your old phone skins to look like something new and personalized. his way, you can make your phone look like it’s the coolest phone. (for you)

So what if you’re not into art and really don’t have that touch of creativity?  Well, there’s such a thing as online shopping,  and with as lot of sites selling  anything for phones nowadays, you might just get the latest and weirdly creative Cell Phone Faceplates you ever dreamed of. (like the photos)

So the next time you’re bored with the old look of your phone… bare in mind… it never is the end of the world.

3 Critical:

  1. Good Ol’ Phone – writing about this reminds me of how good the Nokia 3310 used to be. It still is actually, if not for those cameras and the other computer features phones can do now. : )
  2. New Look – having a new look really does make it feel new. And it gets noticed.
  3. Designs Designs – for every age, gender, and preference… there lies a cellphone skin for you. I mean, there are A LOT of skins you can choose from.


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