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The Hottest State – A Novel by Ethan Hawke August 27, 2008

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While browsing for books (no particular book actually) in one of our city’s bookstore yesterday, as I always do by the way, I came upon this book with the name of Ethan Hawke clearly written in the center. The book was entitled “The Hottest State”, and at first glance, I thought it was something where Ethan Hawke stars, and will probably be another motion picture some day. But as I look closer, the male character in the cover was nowhere near Ethan, and just when I read the whole cover did I notice that it was a novel by Ethan himself.

This Ethan Hawke.

The Hottest State is a story about a young actor named William Harding (Mark Webber), a Texan who tries to make it big in New York while he faces struggles in his relationship with a beautiful singer/songwriter Jesse (Laura Linney). It’s a coming of age tale of a young man dealing with his own broken heart, as well as his childhood broken family.

I’m actually downloading the movie right now so I have yet to make much comments, but what impressed me was the idea that it was written by Ethan Hawke. Someone whom I only knew was an actor, a good one, and one of the stars in movie like: Training Days & After Sunset (which he co-wrote too).

I guess there  really are a lot of talent behind that  hunk-for-many actor.

3 Critical:

  1. This Is Talent – a bit biased here coz I love writing, but if a good actor can write a good movie as well… it’s more than just skills.
  2. Nice Movie – the last movie (After Sunset) was a bit OK for me, though sometimes it gets dragging, but story-wise, it’s actually a good movie. Can anyone say something about this?
  3. Unexpected – finding out that he wrote the novel is surprising. Not a lot of actors can write…. a novel.


1. Barbara - August 27, 2008

Yeah…”Not a lot of actors can write…. a novel”, but Ethan Hawke can write.

2. Maggie - January 12, 2009

The singer’s name isn’t Jesse. It’s Sarah.

C0Y - January 12, 2009

oh sorry bout that. I’ll be changing it.

3. Maggie - January 12, 2009

“After Sunset” is not the name of his movie. It’s “Before Sunset,” the sequel to “Before Sunrise.”

C0Y - January 12, 2009

once again.. my apologies.. I will be making changes.

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