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BlogUpp Your Blogs August 26, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Internet.
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Not only did I find this torn-paper presentation (coz it’s not an ad) that cool, I also happen to love the logic behind this new site and means of promoting your blog. Or lets just say Blog it Upp!!!!

While looking for ways to hype my blog, I came upon this site called Blogupp.com, a site that literally helps you the with the least amount of the usual hassles. This pretty much means that there won’t be a need to signup (with all the forms), there won’t be any annoying ads, there won’t be any verification codes, and they even won’t ask for you email address. All you have to provide is the URL (or address) of your blog, paste their given widget / CSS code to your blog, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! you have now been Blogged Upp.

Or atleast that’s what it seems.

Blogupp.com gets a snapshot of your blog and updates thumbnails everytime you have a new post, and they do read your RSS regularly to keep up in phase. But the best thing about this site when it comes to promoting your blog is that there is a 10:9 ratio when in comes to linking. Which means that out of the 10 blogs shared in your widget your blog will be discovered by 9 readers on others.

All of these done by just providing the URL.  Sounds good to me!!!

3 Critical:

  1. BlogUpped – I’m actually trying it now as you can see (lower right portion), and I’ll be monitoring this for 1 month.  Just keep posted.
  2. A Great Idea  – I have to say it’s a really good idea. I mean great.
  3. Interactivity  – this is one thing I almost forgot to mention. The ads they produced… aren’t really that boring. They are interactive, and mouse overs do things that are interesting. Curious?… Try It!!


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