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White is Sexy… White is Pure.. August 23, 2008

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When Gossip Girl/Vitamin actress Blake Lively showed up in the water function last week everyone was awed, but the guys, they were more than just stunned and if I’m not mistaken, they all probably had one question in mind…. “what’s that extra cloth doing there?”. This is obviously referring to that (I even can’t describe) piece of cloth that covers her chest from the neck up to the stomach. Or barely the stomach.

You see, when you decide to wear a see-through shirt (specially if it’s white), it’s really more than enough to tease guys/girls, even if it covers most of the skin. White is the color of purity and at the same time is purely sexy… and Miss Lively pretty much showed everyone that leaving other things to our imagination is the sexiest thing you could ever do when wearing something like this.

But just a warning to all the celebrities…. unless you have the B & B (beauty and body) like Blake Lively does, wearing this set of white pairs won’t be that sexy. Trust me.

3 Critical:

  1. Less is More – once again, this line proves to be right. They always try it when the subject is about sexiness.
  2. Not For Everyone – let this be my second warning. Wearing these pairs of white’s really won’t work for everyone. Please be guided.
  3. That Cloth – the same cloth that cover the neck to stomach area, is the same cloth the men find annoying, but at the same time is not that revealing… which in other words means SEXY.


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