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In The World of LEGO August 20, 2008

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In the world of Lego, nothing seems to be impossible. We’ve seen a lot of things that people made with Lego’s, from cartoon characters, dinosaurs, planes, buildings, CPU’s, and a whole lot more, and though it’s been a toy of the (believe me) 1930’s, it pretty much is still here for everyone to enjoy.

Just like this one (above). This creation is inspired by the 2008 Beijing Olympics and amazingly they really made it look like the Olympic Stadium in China. The whole thing is made up of 300,000 Lego bricks with around 4,500 Hong Kong Lego User Group members engaging to complete the task.

But the stadium ain’t the only thing they made. They also considered making what’s inside the stadium, which includes Water Cube Aquatic Centre, the pool (where Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals), the bike track and more.

Way to Go!!!! LEGO!!!!

3 Critical:

  1. Unbelievable – Lego’s are truly one of the best creations ever. Look what they can do with it. Almost everything.
  2. Phelps Lego? – I’m not sure about htis, but did they make a Michael Phelps Lego? I bet they didn’t… coz he beat every  swimmer China (and all participating country) had.
  3. Why LEGO? – doe’s anyone know what the word LEGO means? I bet it’s taken from the phrase “Let’s Go”. But I’m not so sure.


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