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Lip Syncing Issue – Beijing Olympics August 16, 2008

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The Beijing Olympics “lip synch” issue (Lin Miaoke lip-syncing the national anthem, while supposedly chosen Yang Peiyi provides the voice hidden from the public simply because she had less appealing teeth) has been going around the internet ever since the ceremony’s musical director Chen Qigang revealed the little secret in a radio interview.

However, China’s official defended the issue saying that is was indeed a simple casting choice and that the artistic directors could cast whoever they saw fit, which is right, but do they really have to do it on the day of the performance? When expectations are at most present? I have to agree with some critics when they said that China is going too far with their obsession of bringing the perfect Olympic Games.

As a result, a lot of (seemingly negative) headline news all over the world is talking about the issue. In Spain, one newspaper called it the “Olympic karaoke.” A newspaper in Australia called it “the great Beijing lip-synch switcheroo” and news on the incident was headlined “China’s wrong child policy.” The Romanian daily 7Plus had “Hoax! Made in China.” on their front page, and who knows what else thaey call it ion other countries headlines.

This just goes to show how disregarding things aside from a good impression can become something evidently negative.

3 Critical:

  1. Unbelievable – the decision to replace the supposedly chosen girl to sing China’s national anthem on the very day is just like the whole opening ceremony. Unbelievable. And they were unapologetic about keeping the lip-synch a secret. Again, Unbelievable.
  2. Another Surprise – both the parents of the kids were OK with the whole thing, and even are thankful for the opportunity of being able to perform in the Olympics.
  3. Just Unfair – the reason for replacement was shallow, considering that they chose Yang Peiyi to sing before the actual performance… and they took he liberty of borrowing her voice. Talents are to be developed and supported. Not hidden.


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