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MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) – No Limits August 14, 2008

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MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is basically a full contact combat sport which allows different forms of fighting techniques, mostly a mixture of martial arts traditions, and allows the use of striking and grappling techniques (both while standing and on the ground). In short, once you step inside that ring, there basically are “No Limits”.

Avid fans, or anyone ho have seen Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will surely agree to the fact that this is indeed the most brutal, life threatening, and most dangerous sport there ever was, but this is purely entertainment and heavy competition if you ask me. A lot of websites that features schedules, matches, and other information about the fighters are even highly visited despite the said censored-material content of the whole thing.

If you want to see what hard-bound action in a very competitive level, then Mixed Martial Arts fighting is definitely what you’re looking for. There will be lot’s of pain… but pain is what we will be entertained with.

3 Critical:

  1. It’s Brutal – and this is not a negative thing here. The brutal nature of the sport itself is what makes it a notch higher than other sports.
  2. No Advantages – mastering one form of martial arts or fighting technique doesn’t give you an advantage whatsoever. Style isn’t necessary… the will to win is.
  3. Physical Sport? – in every meaning of the word it is.


1. Aireplay - August 15, 2008

Your Martial Arts Guide, Taekwondo, Judo, Jeet Kune Do, Capoeira, Kung Fu, Silat, Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, Ninjutsu and all other martial arts including video, article and tv.

2. jeff - March 10, 2009

i was thinking about joining mixed martial arts

3. kalvindran - April 4, 2009

i really like this sports…

4. muay thai - September 15, 2009

Thats really true, its a game with no limitations. one can do anything to win ..

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