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How To Promote A Product… August 9, 2008

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A product, no matter how good (or bad) it is, it always needs promotion to make the people aware of the product, to showcase the highlights or he best things about he product, and basically why the people should choose such product against it’s competitors.

So how do you promote?

There are actually a lot of things that you can do to promote a product but I’ll only discuss two of the best, and most effective ways of promoting a product. One is making a uniquely controversial poster or ad with atleast the presence of a competitor which is not directly portrayed, but is pretty obvious to determine. Just like this Pepsi commercial shown here (photo above). With one look, we pretty much would get an idea on what that red can represents…. and it’s Coke (Pepsi’s major competitor).

Then there’s the other way, and it’s called Packaging. (see photo below)

As you can see, what’s inside this toy-box-like packaging is actually an “actual size” mini cooper made to look like it was a toy that we usually buy our kids with, and this  justs gets a whole lot of attention than the usual, credit that to the creativity and the uniqueness of it’s packaging, Not to mention the humor of it.

Now if you think you need to promote something, or someone…. you might wanna learn from these examples. Use your creativity… cause no matter how good something is, it wont be seen unless it’s shown… in the most creative way possible.

3 Critical:

  1. Commercial Wars – a product almost directly hitting the competitors product is something that’s very evident nowadays… and growing more and more tension within the competition.  It’s a war.
  2. Mini Cooper Toy – this toy is definitely fore the big boys. No doubt about it.
  3. Pepsi or Coke – now this two brands have been getting on it since they were created. No body knows which is better, and no body knows who started it. But one things for sure, they both benefit from their commercial wars.


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