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Isabella Leong – Not Just Another Kung Fu Girl August 4, 2008

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You may have laid your eyes on this Asian Beauty from the (just recently shown) movie The Mummy 3: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor playing the role of lin. Not much of a role actually, but I’m sure she is well noticed on that film. It just might be her stepping stone.

Oh by the way, her name is Isabella Leong.

Isabella is just 20 years old, but this singer, award winning actress (back in Hong Kong), and super model has everything she needs to be a big star. This innocently looking beautiful girl is considered as the symbol of the new generation of actresses’ in Hong Kong…. and yes, she’s just simply sexy.

Young girl as it seems, Isabella is said to be dating 45-year-old billionaire Richard Li. The same Richard Li that founded and used to be the CEO of STAR TV, STAR World and STAR Movies. Now this is a really2x bad news right?

But here’s the good news.

If you want to see more Isabella Leong beauty,  I suggest you download or rent a copy of “Ci qing” or “Spider Lilies” (English Title) A Drama / Romance about a web-cam girl named Jade (Rainie Yang) who became entranced and fell in love with an image of Takeko‘s (Isabella Leong) spider lily tattoo, and of Takeko as well….

3 Critical:

  1. Have You Noticed? – I never said anything about Kung Fu in this post. I guess everything else about her simply impressed me enough.
  2. Talking Bout Standards – guys might not miss checking this girl out, but unless you’re a CEO of some big company, or simply just a billionaire, I don’t think you want to try.
  3. Spider Lily Line – I’m talking about the tag line of the movie (Spider Lilies). “Behind Every Tattoo… There’s A Secret”. Now this is true…. 


1. stretford17 - August 4, 2008

shes so beautiful

2. everydayman - August 5, 2008

No doubt about it. : ) I guess she’s gonna make it big in hollywood… And I’m sure she’ll play a comic hero some day.

3. Shop2Mail - August 10, 2008

shes so beautiful

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