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Lebron James – Leader of the Redeem Team July 29, 2008

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Lebron James, the said leader of the “Redeem team” (that’s what they call them), will be on the cover of Time Magazine‘s August 2008 issue as he talks about how proud he is to be a part of the team, and how he is committed to bring back the golden glory days of the dream team.

“It’s going to be like waking up on Christmas Day,” says James as he pictures himself standing on the podium along with his fellow team mates as they are awarded the Beijing Olympics Gold Medal.

Out of all the players who were a part of the previous team that finished (just) third in 2004’s Olympics in Athens, Greece, it was LeBron that matured most in the game of basketball in the international level as his full commitment was entirely evident from day one of practice with the team.

LeBron is listed as the #1 Olympic Athlete to Watch in this upcoming Beijing Olympics, and he hopes and promises to meet everyone’s expectations, and redeem the team he proudly represents with the help of some of the biggest names (which includes Kobe Bryant).

But it won’t be that easy.

3 Critical:

  1. The King – people call him “King James” not just because of his all around game, but of all the leadership and pride he brings in every game. A true Leader indeed.
  2. Hungry For Gold – the 2004 Bronze finish may have hurt him badly, but the King will rise, and he’s hungry for what he claims to deserve. The gold is set for USA…. no questions, no excuses.
  3. Will They Make It? – with an improvement in the line-up (except for a dominant big guy), the Finals will be a guarantee… but they have to prove themselves every game, every possession, and every chance they have.


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