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Bringing back the Good Ol’ Days…. July 26, 2008

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Just after the Betamax days and before there were VCD’s out in the market, a movie lovers best friend was a VCR, or otherwise known as a Video Cassette Recorder. For those who were born after the age of the cassette tapes, a VCR is a video tape recorder using removable videotape cassettes which contains magnetic tape to record (audio and video) from a television broadcast so it can be re played later on.

By the way, a videotape cassette look like this: (yes, that’s the tape)

But after there were (the smaller, handy, and more featured) VCD’s and DVD’s, the tape technology seems to be slowly fading away and finding themselves either under the beds, over the attic, or any place where people keep the old stuff (for memories only).

That was before the Ion USB VCR (above) entered the scene. This thing is capable of converting your old VCR videos straight to digital, and allows video capturing in MPEG4 (supporting up to 720×480 resolutions).

Talking bout bringing back the ol’ days huh! But that’s not all….

This baby also has RCA inputs (for other analog video sources), and a composite audio/video line output that can be used to connect to your television.

Now this is a good thing.

3 Critical:

  1. The Old The New – this is just one of those limitless possibilities that they said technology can do.
  2. The Beatles !!! – I actually have a copy of their “Get Back” concert, and now I can watch it again. “Get back! Get back! Get back! to where you once belong. “
  3. The Return – with this made into possibility, I’m getting a sense that the old Jukebox machines would be seen in bars again. Maybe this time it would be digital.


1. babycobalt - July 28, 2008

funny. My dad still did not throw that old-fashioned BETAMAX tape rewinder 15 years ago. lol. you might wanna include the pic in your post. kiddin. ;p

2. everydayman - July 29, 2008

Haha. That would be nice. But maybe it will be worth millions in the future, so I suggest you keep it. 🙂

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