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Friday The 13th “Remake” Promo Pic July 22, 2008

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Now I’ve been a fan of movie villains and psychopathic killers, and you just might be shocked to know that Dr. Hannibal Lector isn’t on top of my list (I haven’t seen Dark Knight’s “Joker” yet), but this guy right here (above). The hockey masked mad man set to kill anyone who is in the movie with him, in a way that scares even the tough ones, and he’s not even saying a single word. And his name is Jason Voorhees, but you can call him “Jason“, but I don’t think you want to call him though.

Jason is the vicious killer everyone feared, and since he first appeared on the movie Friday The 13th back in 1980, Friday the 13th’s have never been the same.

But here the good news…….. A remake.

At last, someone brought the old masked man back in the big screen, and I guess no one deserves the role better than naturally scary man himself Derek Mears (The Hills Have Eyes II).

Derek is a stuntman, and an actor (played Chameleon on The Hills Have Eyes II), and just by looking at his face, I guess you can say why I believe he really is Jason.

Just look at his eyes, and you’ll feel fear.

The movie is still under production, and a lot of changes will still be expected, but hopefully we will see it sometime in February of 2009.

Directed by none other than Marcus Nispel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) by the way.

3 Critical:

  1. He Never Dies – not with stab wounds, not with bullets, not with fire, not with truck speeding against him, and not even with Freddy Kreuger. How do you kill this thing?
  2. Jason Voorhees??? – oh I can understand Jason, but Voorhees?? Where did they get this name?
  3. Derek Is Jason – Just look at him, and tell me he isn’t Jason enough. Let me tell you a secret, I believe he really is Jason.


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