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Nike Philippines Air Force Ones – Shoes July 21, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Clothing.
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I guess there really is a Filipino in everything everywhere….

Check these shoes everyone, it’s called the Philippines Air Force Ones, and yes they are made by none less than Nike as a tribute to our national hero Jose Rizal. The Philippines Air Force Ones are now out on the market, but they are sold in limited quantities (500 pairs to be exact) available at Kix-Files.com

This shoe is a beautifully made with a clear sole, inside-out midsole, it’s colors and design are well based on the official Philippine flag with the symbolic “three stars and a sun” placed on the rear part of the shoe. From this view (above photo), the image of the Philippine flag will be clearly be seen.

The shoes are sold for $399, but unfortunately it’s already been sold out. By Filipino’s I’m sure.

I’m guessing there are atleast 500 Filipino’s working in Nike after all.

3 Critical:

  1. Patriotically Cool – patriotic is one thing, cool is another. But this shoes… very well is both.
  2. Make More!!! – for the sake of the many Filipino’s working all around the world, I really hope they make more of these shoe’s. At least 500 or more wouldn’t be bad.
  3. The Size? – the shoes were a tribute to our great hero Jose Rizal, which actually just stands 4’11”. Now I’m just curious… did they make it’s sizes so small for people of those height? But even if they did, I would still buy some for symbolic and decorative display purposes. Go Pinoy!!!!


1. nix - August 13, 2008

where can i get a pair??im dying to have this shoes 😥

2. Bhadz - August 18, 2008

Where can i buy this shoes? MAKE MORE!

3. everydayman - August 19, 2008

I’m not really sure if there are still models left… I think they made limited numbers of shoes only.

I keep you posted as soon as I get some information.

4. iAnNe - November 29, 2008

Where i can buy that here in the California??????

5. everydayman - November 29, 2008

Not really sure. I think they made limited items though. I’ve tried searching in eBay but hey don’t have one either.

But thanks for asking by the way. 🙂

6. Dexter - December 4, 2008

where can i buy that in philippines please… reply asap…
here my contact…. : 09236503699

everydayman - December 5, 2008

honestly I’m not sure where to buy one in the Phil., but I’ll be going to manila for Christmas and I’ll tell you were if I find one.

thanks for visiting.

7. t.J - December 10, 2008

yO ! whErE cAn yO gEt thiZ bAnGin ShOeZ !

i nEed bAd !.!.!

cAvitE rEprEsEnt !

wHerE aLL tHe cAvitEnyOs rePrEsEnt !

everydayman - December 10, 2008

Yo maman.. I’m not really sure they have it here in the Philippines coz they only made limited models. But you might wanna check Greenhills or quiapo, maybe they have some imitations there. Tell me when you get one coz I’ll buy one too.

8. t.J - December 10, 2008

yO ! whErE cAn yO gEt thiZ bAnGin ShOeZ !

i nEed it bAd !.!.!

cAvitE rEprEsEnt !

wHerE aLL tHe cAvitEnyOs rePrEsEnt !

9. one - December 13, 2008

where i can buy that in the philippines?plzzzzzz tell meh……i need b4 chrismast………………

C0Y - December 14, 2008

They only made limited pairs, and I guess it’s not available anymore. Might as well check Quiapo if there are imitations. I’m going there this Christmas and I’m surely going to look one or my self too.

10. chester - December 13, 2008

where can i get this shoe i like it and how much i have my own costomize too

11. babyjay - January 7, 2009

finally i got the shoes,but its too big…im selling it 4 only 300 dollar…text me to get more info (702)413-8951

C0Y - January 7, 2009

Where did buy it? I was hoping I would see it in Greenhills or MOA, but they don’t have one.

12. OC - March 9, 2009


what size? willing to ship it to the philippines?

here’s my email: oliver.chong@yahoo.com

hit me up

13. strawberry - April 8, 2009

OMG i need a pair for a bday coming up this May.. So i need it ASAP… a pair of size 10… anyone know where to get it or if anyone has to ship it in Canada??? help?

14. almondeyes - April 17, 2009

eyyy babyjay just want 2 know if its size 12 if ever im willing 2 but it…. here’s my email almondeyes2229@yahoo.com plzzzzzz reply 2 me asap. tnks tccic.

15. almondeyes - April 17, 2009

plzzzzz give me some info about it im willing to buy if its size 12 plzzzzz reply to me soon…. tnks

16. bb999 - April 22, 2009

my cous had 8.5 & 9, I have size 9.5, authentic item with sku # 314770-671..I saw 1 on ebay priced $999.99. $750.00 at A.OKAY offical boutique..

17. bb999 - April 22, 2009

I mean A.OKAY official

18. unanimous - June 2, 2009

where can i buy those adidas philippino jacket

19. cHe - July 15, 2009

i want. dat kind of shoes…..where cud i find it or buy it?

20. nbrzia10 - September 3, 2009

omg! wer can i get a pair. i hella love thiis shoes. ;[[

21. nbrzia10 - September 3, 2009

urrrrghh! wer can i get diis shoes. :((

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