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Bad News: Endagered Philippine Eagle Killed…. Eaten. July 20, 2008

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The “Philippine Eagle” (a.k.a. Monkey Eating Eagle) is the tallest, largest and most powerful bird in the world, and definitely one of the rarest. A symbol of our country’s heritage ad it’s goals of flying high. And just to remind others again…… its one of the endangered species found in the Philippines that’s supposed to be well protected, and preserved.

The Philippine Eagle, or locally called “Banog” for it’s kite like features can be found in rainforests in Luzon, Samar, Leyte and Mindanao (where the largest number of eagles reside).

But here’s the bad news.

Just 6 days ago, a villager in “Mt. Kitanglad” (where 8 of these eagles reside in Mindanao) just happen to shot one of endangered species, manage to locate and bury the transmitter, burned the feathers off so as not to be identified, and made our poor Philippine Eagle one of their dinner viands. That leaves us with only 7 left. This is certainly not a matter to be ignored, not only because our country’s Wildlife Foundation spent around 2 Million for each eagle, but also because this is a matter of preserving and respecting our heritage, culture and our symbol.

The villager will, however, will suffer 6-12 years in prison because  as our law clearly says that “ignorance of our law will excuse no one”. I hope this will be a clear lesson for everyone, so the next time you see this face:

Stand up, look as it soars high above the ground, be proud, and never ever consider it just another bird to fill your needs of hunger because it is as much as a Filipino as we all are. Let’s help preserve what we should be proud of… Let’s help save nature.

3 Critical:

  1. So Sad – endangered species are as close to extinction as we may know, and it’s just sad to know that 1 eagle died, not of a natural death, but by ignorance. So sad.
  2. They Didn’t Know? – that transmitters are traced? An eagle’s transmitter having no activity means something’s wrong? Or that an eagle is an eagle?. Please be careful.
  3. The Law – these things may be just a result of poverty, ignorance, or plainly little crimes, but ignorance of the law excuses no one, and I’m just glad they took actions.


1. MIKE - July 27, 2008

its sad to say that our people have no respect for nature.
its the inevitable, there will be no more wildlife in the philippines
i give it 20 years. too many people, the polution
im glad i dont live in the philippines anymore.

LAKAY - May 14, 2009

hey imbecile,hopefully you wont comeback to Philippines we dont need people like you!!!sucker…

2. everydayman - July 28, 2008

Generally speaking, I have to agree with you in this part, but, I have to say that I still believe this country (or atleast just Mindanao) still has a chance to be better.

It’s just sad to think we usually are fascinated with other countries tourists spots and nature environment, yet we fail to take care of our own, which are also equally as beautiful as the places we see on television.

3. Talib - July 29, 2008

our people need to be educated,
they keep having kids when they can’t even feed themselves
the goverment is not helping either, they only about their monetary gain, im proud of my history and heritage, but im ashamed of what is happening back home. im with mike, THERE IS NO HOPE FOR OUR BELOVED COUNTRY

4. jessica - November 3, 2008

yup thats true they have no respect………

5. JONNY - November 12, 2008

we should protect our heritage and gain our proud to have such facinating creature like our national Eagle. This sort of spicie should be love not to be eaten, i dont blame the poverty people to do such unnessesary action, i blame the goverment because if it wasnt for their self ignorante and twisted minds this woudnt happen. We have enormuse amount of Dept on our country bevcause of this prices are unresounably price. This shpuld not be ignore. If something happene to this remarkable creature i would lose 10% my proud of being a PINOY………

6. everydayman - November 12, 2008

It really is sad if you think about it. It’s just like having less respect on our own. What you said about not blaming poverty is really something I would agree with, and I hope our government officials would understand that they we placed them where they are right now for a reason… and that’s for our people’s betterment.

7. Mike - January 11, 2009

too bad I am not pacquaio, possibly the most influential Filipino right now. Otherwise I would be making some sort of public declaration to save these creatures and for everyone to help in the conservation efforts. If I were to ever meet manny, this is what I would request. Can anybody introduce me to him? 🙂

C0Y - January 11, 2009

Me too.. can anyone introduce us to him?

8. the great mc coy - January 28, 2009

Just go to pacland website u will find him there

9. ace - February 27, 2009

cheers to the people of pefi. I had the chance to visit the eagle farm this month and I was just star struck when I saw Pag-asa and the other philippine eagles. I was full of pride that this magnificent creature is ours to behold. I and my wife had goose bumps as we stood in front of pag-asa and awed by her beauty.

I have committed to patronize products that support the pefi and the philippine eagle. That will be my own way of helping “haring-ibon”!

10. Evan - March 19, 2009

I am glad that the Phil govt has taken actions in preserving its wildlife especially the beautiful and endangered species, the Phil eagle. I hope they made it clear to all that hurting or killing these eagles is punishable by law. As you have mentioned it is part of the Filipino heritage and Filipinos should be proud to have in its homeland and should treat it with respect. The Phil eagle is even larger than the American eagle.

11. paul - May 28, 2009

I know that you have a lot to say for other people that destroy our environment.
But, have you ask yourself what can you do to help our Eagle?
Give donation to this site: http://www.haribon.org.ph , and then you can tell yourself proudly … I did it.

12. franze elyzer challoy - July 2, 2009

its so sad to say that one of our popular animals in the philippines are endangerd lets all help to save the philippine eagles

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