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Eagle Eye – Movie July 18, 2008

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“If you want to live you will obey” ……. words of an anonymous robotic-voiced girl that mysteriously haunts both Shia LaBeouf (Transformers) and Michelle Monaghan (The Heartbreak Kid) in this new D.J. Caruso directed film Eagle Eye.

I guess Shia‘s really some kind of trouble guy as he finds himself having to be in a film where he is always being chased down without a clue. This movie revolves around two strangers (LaBeouf and Monaghan) who both found themselves pawned by a mysterious woman whom they have never met, but seems to know their every move. It all started with an anonymous phone that led both (LaBeouf and Monaghan) to do things with certain circumstances when disobeyed. Circumstances that include death.

As the story unfolds, they start to realize that they are only being used as instruments for a political assassination.

They should work together to stay alive, cause “once they choose you, they control you..”

Oooooooh that sounds good.

Executively Produced by: Steven Spielberg

3 Critical:

  1. Interesting Huh! – Is it just me, or does the whole story sound interesting?
  2. Who Are You Mysterious Girl??? – One thing I’m really looking for in this movie is the revelation of who the girl on the phone is. I’m sure it’s  not gonna be what I’m thinking of.
  3. Clueless Shia – I guess nobody does “clueless” trouble-magnet roles better like Shia does. With robots, criminal neighbors, or mysterious girls, he does his role well.


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