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Mini Cooper USB drive… Litlle Cool Thing. July 17, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Computers, Rides, Technology.
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USB (Universal Serial Bus) Drives are one of the most useful, and interesting things ever invented in the world of technology. Ever since it was introduced to the public way back in November of 2008, it has always captured the attention of the people with it’s different styles, storage capacity, extra features and sizes, thus making it both a fashion item as well as a useful device.

Now out of all the designs (thousands of them) I’ve seen so far, the Mini Cooper USB (above) stands out to be the best so far. With a 1:48 replica scale, I can say it’s collectors-item material and I guess you all would agree with me when I say, it’s in every way cute. From the color, to the size, it really is something I wish Santa would give me this Christmas.

In my own experience, not much USB drives can make you take that second look everytime you insert it in your computers port…. but this one, just might be the kind. And I heard there are a lot of designs (mini cooper taxi, mini cooper police car, etc…) on the market already.

I guess nothing really is cooler than a Mini Cooper.

3 Critical:

  1. Never Useless – unlike any thumb drives, this one makes you want to keep it even if the entirely corrupted.
  2. The Light!!!! – this thing was cool way before the headlights, but hey, look what it does everytime your computer reads it….
  3. Not Yet Sold – I honestly was searching for it somewhere on ebay but I can’t seem to find one for sale. Any ideas?


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