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Twelve Men, One Dream – Team USA on Beijing Olympics July 13, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Sports.
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Next months highlight would probably be the summer Olympics in Beijing, and one event that’s surely gonna capture the highlights of the whole Olympics would be the Mens Basketball competition featuring the best of the worlds including our favorite NBA stars playing for their respective teams, and the 18 year old point-guard phenom of the host China.

But the big question would be… Will the dream team regain it’s glory days now that they have a couple of veterans on the team, or will they be on the verge of facing their second disappointing efforts of earning the respect of being a member of the “Dream Team”.

With 12 players already named for Team USA, the only concern left for coach Mike Krzyzewski and the boys would be finding ways to play as a team, and not just 12 superstars on the court (like last time). With the help of veteran play maker Jason Kidd, and “MVPKobe Bryant (finally!!!), team USA is hoping to get the gold back, and establish the reputation of every “Dream Team” as the best basketball team in the world once again.

But that won’t be easy.

We can only hope that they would play as a team, score like a team, and defend as a team…. coz those other teams (specially Argentina & Spain), are eyeing on them… and we all know what happened the las time.

3 Critical:

  1. Teamwork!!! – has always been the key, and the only thing that’s missing with these 12 great players. Others have it…. they should too.
  2. The big “K‘s” – I’m talking bout Kidd and Kobe. They are recruited to lead this team, and are expected to play big, otherwise we’re just gonna see another upset, so they should deliver… EVERYTIME.
  3. BIG MAN? – the team is composed of talented players in all position, but facts shows that ever since the “Dream Team” didn’t get a dominant Big Man, they’ve been ineffective. Seriously… Who’s your big man here?


1. fouledout - July 13, 2008

they don’t have a legit center.. it’s gonna be tough tough time for these americans..

2. everydayman - July 13, 2008

I have to agree with that.. I don’t they can entirely dominate the olympics.. but they can win it back… they will

3. dodot ordedor - July 17, 2008

why is it that duncan and mcgrady was not in list of the dream team?

4. everydayman - July 17, 2008

I believe they were considered to be probable members of thee dream team, but it actually is based on their (and their teams) decision to join. Maybe they didn’t want to. Just like Kobe years ago.

5. yasdnil - July 27, 2008

why paul pierce is not in us dream team 2008? i think they need the help of paul pierce.. because he is 1on1 defender,, tough defender.. and he is the reigning MVP of nba.. he is also a scorer.. he made good decision in every plays.. he is very intellegent.. they also need a center like duncan or amare stoudemire..

6. everydayman - July 27, 2008

Nobody from the Boston Celtics joined the dream team, though a lot of their players deserve to be. The whole team even can be the dream team, but I guess they don’t want to risk their team.

Do you think they’ll win?

7. larry Correos - July 29, 2008

why is it that only 1 center player??????????????

8. michael conor - August 4, 2008

please,please just win on olimpyc games,usa is law!!!koby,superman,carmelo,leBron,redd,bosch,paul,prince,kidd,carlos boozer,daron wiliams and dwayne wade,they are the DREAM TEAM!

9. MemphisMan23 - August 12, 2008

They don’t have a center??You guy must be tennis fans….Dwight Howard can handle this while the others sit home the USA redeam team is coming to bring it home….

10. everydayman - August 12, 2008

Yes he’s a center by Position, but c’mon… make him face a bigger player (or even yao ming) and see what I mean. He’s a good offensive player, a high leaper, but he can’t really dominate the way Shaq does years ago. In short, he’s not that much of a threat.

11. imsayinwateveryonesthinkin - August 15, 2008

People are right, dwight can handle it, for a bit. As good as he is he’s not gonna play 40 minutes n they’ve got ppl like Lebron playin power forward! They definately needed Amare stoudemire or Timmy Duncan in the team! Poor selections if u ask me!!

12. MemphisMan23 - August 17, 2008

Yao is good but in comparison he is a feather weight and there will never be another shaq.Im just saying that he can handle his own and duncan plays for the virgin islands.This is a team effort and with their record it seems to be working.

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