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Natassia Malthe – Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen July 11, 2008

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If the first Transformers movie was good, the next installment,Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” will definitely be twice as good as the first. As rumors says it… it has “better” effects (transformations), new robots, action sequences, Megan Fox, and this new girl Natassia Malthe. (Sorry Shia….)

I bet your mind’s asking: Natassia Who? The girl from ….. what movie is that again?

Yes guys, it’s Rayne from the movie Bloodrayne, and the girl from movies like Chaos, Skinwalkers, Elektra, and some other movies where she’s been exposing those mysterious eyes, and the sexiness that made her #53 in Maxim‘s “100 Sexiest Women”, and It has been confirmed, that this half-Norweigan, half-Malaysian actress will be featured in the next installment of Transformers along with Shia LaBeouf , Megan Fox, and Rainn Wilson.

Looks like Megan’s gonna have to share the spotlight here.

And let me tell you a secret… if you look closer, you’ll soon realize that she was also that purple girl from D.O.A. This means she’s gonna be fighting-while- sexy as always in this movie.

3 Critical:

  1. Two Is Better – having two “sexy” reasons of watching the movie is definitely better than having one.
  2. The Breakthrough – the career breakthrough she was hoping for while making “Bloodrayne” just might be in this movie. Look at Megan Fox now.
  3. Another Girl.. Why? – why get another girl? Just look at her and tell me why it’s a bad idea.


1. ass - February 16, 2009

megan fox is still hotter

C0Y - February 16, 2009

I agree to that…. 🙂

2. Zaporop - February 19, 2009

isnt the new girl Isabel Lucas??

3. Zaporop - February 19, 2009

isn’t the new girl Isabel Lucas??

4. nancy - April 1, 2009

the new girl IS isabel lucas!!! wtf is this piece of shit lie!?

C0Y - April 1, 2009

We’ll find that out later…. 🙂

5. Jason - May 8, 2009

I’d nail natasha a hundred times before Megan Fox.

6. ur mom - June 3, 2009

first of all megan fox is infinity times hotter…..i would nail her 1 billion times before tht other girl

7. toottootbeepbeep - June 13, 2009

I’d do them both, at once… Goddamn… Megan Fox is like our favorite poster chick at work XD .. I love my job!

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