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Mission Impossible July 10, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Animals, Funny, Photos.
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MI Mouse

I can here the Mission Impossible theme playing now.

Teng deng deng deng tenendeng …. teneniwwwwwww… Cut!

Sorry, I got carried away back there, but anyway, look what I found. Probably the coolest photo I’ve seen today. Is this our favorite secret rodent agent that goes by the name Stuart? Probably is, and I guess we all can see that he’s (or she?, can’t tell really…) in a really hard (almost impossible) mission to get that food of mass carbohydration also referred to as CHEESE, but that’s surely not as easy as it seems, as it is heavily guarded by that complicated (no alarms needed) mouse trap with every intention to clip any thing that takes that cheese off of it. Including that mouse.

Will he (or she) be able to get that yellow thing, or will he be just wiggling his (or her) tail out of desperation as the clip does it’s thing to him?

Whatever happens, one things is sure…. the cheese will always be a cheese.

3 Critical:

  1. Meaningful – this photo shows a sign of determination, hard work, never giving up, and take risks. Four things we need to do in life.
  2. Why Cheese? – fooling rats always involves cheese. Why do they like it by the way?
  3. The Experiment – I’m sure the first few attempts of testing mousetraps includes a lot of swollen scientists’ fingers. Or tongue?


1. Palinfollavom - August 3, 2008

Thank you

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