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The Joker – Ain’t no Joke July 8, 2008

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Also called by the names “The Clown Prince of Crime“, “The Harlequin of Hate“, and “The Ace of Knaves“, “The Joker has always lived up to his reputation as one of the most vicious villain that the Dark Knight has ever faced, and to make things worse… he always have the last laugh.

A lot (including me) would say that “The Joker is one (if not) of the best and brilliantly and originally made villain, well portrayed with an image of a “clown” but imposes fear instead of happiness in a comical, animated, and unbelievably annoying manner. One thing hero’s like “Batman” would really hate to handle.

The Dark Knight (Christian Bale) really has something to be worried about now, coz just like any clown, it seems like Heath Ledger (the Joker) is taking center stage (and most of the peoples attention that is) in the up-coming movie The Dark Knighteven before it’s officially released. Some even say there is a really2x big chance that the late Heath Ledger would win an award for his portrayal of the role, which only really2x good actors like Cesar Romero, Anthony Hopkins and Heath Ledger himself (and probably Johnny Depp) deserve to play.

You rarely see movies where some villains (or not leading actors) are potential award winners, and aside from those Johnny Depp movies, I guess this one would be one of them.

I hope he’ll win.

Just my simple tribute In memory of the late Heath Ledger.

3 Critical:

  1. A Good Actor – I’m saying this not just because he died, but because he really is. I’ve seen some of his movies (Brokeback Mountain, The Patriot, etc… ) and this guy can act, but he’s not bragging about it like some actors.
  2. A Joker Movie – I guess no one’s really familiar with the whole story of the Joker, how he started, and why, and I just think I’m gonna see a movie about him someday. His character is really movie material.
  3. A Must See – I really don’t have to say this, but I’ll say it anyway. Let’s all watch The Dark Knight and see how the joker brought the house down.


1. Ray - JokerHeathCollectibles - July 9, 2008

The character looks awesome. I can hardly wait to see this. I’m sure Joker Heath will rival Joker Jack. We are all more than ready to finally see this movie!

2. everydayman - July 9, 2008

Me too man… Heath is a really good actor even before he was the joker, but I have to give credit for Jack’s performance also … he’s just good with every role, but they really are not the similar actors… different styles and ways but it’s the way they give life to the roles that make them good joker actors.

3. Caitlin - July 18, 2008

I walked out of the 12:01am show saying, “there is NO way they can possibly top that.”, And I hope they don’t try to. Ledger was intense and perfect and no villain will ever seem as bad, brutal, or worth 2 and 1/2 hours and $18 as he was. Oh and I am seeing it again

4. everydayman - July 19, 2008

The weird thing is … it’s a Batman movie, but the actual story revolves around Harvey Dent, but as it turns out, The Joker is taking up all the attention.

This is indeed a good movie.

5. Batman Joker Halloween Costumes - October 8, 2008

The Dark Knight shows that a superhero movie is only good as it’s villain. Too bad we wont have these villains back in the next sequel.

6. everydayman - October 8, 2008

Yup, too bad.. But I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of some of these Villains (like Harvey Dent).

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