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Polaroid PoGo (Polaroid on the Go) July 6, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Technology.
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Polaroid PoGo

In the age of technology, cellphones are just about the most impressive gadgets ever invented for us humans to use. With all the features it can have, it became one of the most useful, trendy, and fashionable gadget that everyone seems to poses these days.

A phone can be a computer, a sound machine, a gaming device, a modem, an organizer, a video camera, recorder, remote control, television, digital camera… and many more.

But never a printer.

And this is where the Polaroid PoGo (Polaroid on the Go) portable printing device comes.

With the Polaroid PoGo you can print polaroid copies of pictures from your cellphone in an instant. This tiny printer doesn’t really use any ink, but it uses ZINK (Zero Ink) technology, which uses paper embedded with heat-activated dye crystals instead. All you have to do is send digital images from your cellphone or digital camera to the printer, choose which photos to print, press print…. wait… then it prints waterproof photos which are not easily damaged when shaken. And yes, the photos can also be used as stickers.

Now this is cool right? Yeah! it’s cool.

3 Critical:

  1. So Small – a good thing and bad thing actually. It’s good because it’s size makes it very handy, but the bad thing is, the photos won’t be any larger too.
  2. The Quality??? – I’ve read reviews and comments about this thing and it mostly said the photos were not actually that good so just don’t expect much. But I guess it’s expected.
  3. The Cost – it’s advertised at $150, but I think it costs more than that. Or maybe they put all the expensive prices in it’s refills of polaroids… Coz there’s no other way.



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