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Lisa Burke – “Sexiest Weather Girl of All-time” July 5, 2008

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lisa burke

Watching the news is just an ordinary (some say boring) thing, and it always involves something good or something bad. But watching the news delivered by a pretty face like Lisa Burke is definitely gonna be a whole new experience.

And here’s the good thing… She’s a weather girl. (temperatures rising now)

Since joining UK’s Sky News in 2000 on a six-month contract, a lot of people began to notice a lot about this girl. From the presence she brings, good reporting, that pretty smile, wavy hair, presentable aura, and yes, that sexy body too. (coz weather girls are standing when they deliver weather reports). This girl certainly did make the weather report more interesting ever since, and as always, if people want you… you get to have an award.

In 2001 she was voted “sexiest weather girl of all-time” out of 1,000 men chosen to take a poll. (lucky ones.. tsk3x)

Lisa Burke

This just goes to show that no matter what or how serious you’re profession may be… it won’t be an excuse for beauty & sexiness.

3 Critical:

  1. Good News!!! – this is pretty much self explanatory. Can’t you see?
  2. Always Hot – I guess, regardless of the season and the territory… the weathers always hot with Lisa in the news.
  3. That’s The Way – if the news were always this good…. A lot of people will surely watch.


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