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Changes… Life’s Irony. July 4, 2008

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The Irony of Life - Changes

In life, there surely are a lot of changes that will happen. Some will be logical, some won’t be, and some might even seem ironically funny.

Just like this one.

As you can see, the year of he 90’s, where people are less lazy than today, people usually are more skinnier than their television sets. Different reason involved, but the bottom line is that televisions are bigger. Then came the years 2000 and up… a time where smaller things come to life (but not necessarily cheaper), making us even more lazier than the usual. And credit that to a lot of impressive gadgets that we have today, not to mention the movies and the tv series that make us wanna have a movie marathon all day, and this things will seem to go on forever.

The lower part of the photo pretty much shows life’s funny ironic changes.

Simple, ironic, funny. That’s life.

3 Critical:

  1. Life is Funny – come to think of it, the world and life actually has a lot of humor to it. It’s just gonna be a matter of laughing.
  2. It’s So True – I guess everyone would agree (and laugh) at this. It’s reality baby.
  3. Technolazy? – does this mean were getting lazier as technology works harder to do what we use to do? Maybe.. just maybe.


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