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Body Painting – Sexiest Form of Art June 29, 2008

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Qi-Pao - Chinese body paint

I may be one of the few who would attest to this, but if you ask me what the sexiest kind of art is, I won’t tell you it’s the art of “Kamasutra“, but instead I’d say it’s “Body Painting“.

Body Painting combines creativity with the proper identification of ones natural body figures to envision, and apply a design that would perfectly compliment the whole art and the body itself.

The photo (above) of an Asian girl body painted in a “qípáo or a mandarin gown, (which by the way is one of the best “body paint” art I’ve seen so far) shows an example of a perfect body paint, matching the whole “Chinese” deigned theme with her Asian looks and semi-petite body figure, making it look like as if she was wearing a real “qípáo” as the dragon figure perfectly covers her breasts’ figure making it look sexy, but in an artistic way. Truly a work of art.

Body paints had been used in different purposes. For costumes, sexy sports uniform, army camouflage, an intimidator (for athletes), fashion shows, and for promotional purposes.

This just goes to show that body painting is more than just a normal form of art.

It’s bodily art. (whatever this means)

3 Critical:

  1. Better Artists – I’d have to say body painters are better artist than normal painters.. mainly because they have to overcome certain temptations to perform. Not that easy.
  2. The Nails!!! – aside from the whole thing, Check those nails out… it says 4.
  3. Just Perfect – this is simply sexy, and everything just goes perfectly into place. This is art.



1. lieben - March 5, 2009

Interessante Informationen.

2. stephani - March 30, 2009

el bodypaint esta super lindo yo quiero uno donde me lo puedo hacer jaja soy modelo y tengo 21 les mando mi foto contesten

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