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Egg Hunting – The Breakfast Terror Story June 27, 2008

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Egg Hunting

Ever wondered what the eggs feel or experience everytime we eat our favorite breakfast with eggs (cooked in different ways) ? I discovered this photo that pretty much explains everything.

You see, everytime we choose an egg to cook for the morning, they actually feel the thrill of  being chosen because they exactly know what they’re going to get into, and a lot of heat is always expected so as soon as they see those pair of hands open the refrigerator, or that fork aiming at one of their cooked friends, they instantly feel the fear. Who can blame them right?

Is it even fair for them? Is there justice? Do eggs have rights?

I don’t really know, but either ways, they are still gonna be nothing but eggs until the last day of their egg life. And besides, even if they are hatched and become chicks or chickens, they will still soon find themselves slowly going inside our mouth, swallowed, and digested into something they are not.

The life of an egg is sad, but how they make us happy is (I guess) how they measure their worth in living.

Do you want to be an egg?

3 Critical:

  1. Egg Hunting? – is our routinary breakfast with eggs almost similar to what we sometimes call egg hunting? A big MAY BE.
  2. How Do You… – whenever I plan to cook an egg, I always base my choice from it’s size and neatness… How bout you? The nearness to a circle they are?
  3. Who’s Next? – I guess those 12 eggs in a tray are playing a game called “Who’s Next?”. This will certainly be a heart (or yolk?) pumping game for them. It’s like “Survivor Egg Tray”. 


1. PyroChi - January 12, 2009


I Don’t know where you got this image from but it has been taken from an art website. This photograph belongs to an artist called NocturalMoth and I think you should send them an email asking permission first or at least giving credit where neccessary.

Hope I haven’t come across rude!
Thanks for reading!


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